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Design, production and installation of physically visible communication.

Like what several other Norwegian clients already have experienced, we guarantee to you as well a first class result, delivery as agreed upon and very competitive prices.

Customer-made solutions on a high professional level

Tooted ja teenused

Planestar has no standard solutions in stock – all has to be developed, produced and delivered based on the needs from each of our clients. Since the start-up in 2002 we have invested a lot in competence and technical equipment.
Today we keep a high international level. We are exporting the mostly of our production, first of all to Norway.

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Environment-friedly production


Planestar is focusing on finding the most environment-friendly solutions in everything from selection of machinery and equipment, raw materials and energy consumption to emission and handling of waste.

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Some few examples from our long reference list in Norway:

  • Outdoor and indoor signing of several secondary schools and high schools
  • Outdoor signs for Holmenkollen National Ski Arena
  • All signing of Stavanger’s new concert house
  • Several years deliveries of foils for The Norwegian Railway’s trains
  • Installation of security film for public buildings managed by Statsbygg

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